Timed to coincide with the Snug 3rd Birthday, Snug owner - Photographer Edward Chadwick; presents a series of photographic work exploring the subject of time and place with an emphasis on the theme of three, within the images this can be taken literally by their presentation, metaphorically by their subject or compositionally - there is a sense of exploration and ambiguity.

The majority of the images are recent works from 2012 into 2013 and reflect a simplification of approach in creating an image with many of the pieces being shot somewhat controversially perhaps on iPhones.  Edward has long been an advocate that it is ‘seeing’ that is important within photography and this resulting freedom gained from eschewing the complexities of cameras, lenses and ‘gear’ lends a honesty, purity and almost timeless quality to the images. 

The exhibition runs until 26th May at: 


58 Market St

Hebden Bridge

West Yorkshire